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Learn English Prefix 2:
"Bi-" or "Bin-"

Meaning: Both "bi-" and "bin-" mean "two".

Pronunciation: "Bi-" is often pronounced the same as "bye" but the "i" sound is sometimes pronounced as the "i" in "bit" or "sit". "Bin-" can also be pronounced both ways but is usually pronounced as in "bit" or "sit".

Example 1: A "bicycle" has two wheels.

Example 2: A person who is "bilingual" can speak two languages fluently.

Example 3: "Binoculars" are a set of two "glasses" that we use to see things that are far away.

Example 4: Computers use a "binary" system, with just two numbers, "zero" and "one", expressing every other possible number and letter.

Other useful words:
bifocals - glasses with two lenses
bigamy - describes a man with two wives
biannually - two times a year
biped - describes animals that walk on two feet (humans, for example)
binomial - a mathematical equation with two parts
(but NOT "biology" which is based on the root "bio" or "life".)

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