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Learn English Prefix 3:
"di -" or "du-"

Meaning: "Du-" and "di-" have the same meaning as "bi-" and "bin-" in the last lesson. Both mean "two".

Pronunciation: "Du-" is always pronounced like the English word "do" while "di-" is usually pronounced "die".

Example 1: A "duo" is a team made of just two people.

Example 2: To "duplicate" something means to copy it, in other words, to make a second one.

Example 3: The chemical word "dioxide" describes an element that includes two oxygen atoms.

Other useful words:
duplicity - lying (saying one thing, but meaning a second thing)
a duel - a fight between two men
duet - two people singing together
dialogue - a talk between two people
dissect - to cut something into two parts, to cut something open
diverge - when a road goes off in two different directions
(but NOT "diary" which has the root "dia" meaning "day".)

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