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Learn English Prefix 4:

Meaning: "Tri-" means "three".

Pronunciation: As with "bi-" (prefix 2) and "di-" (prefix 3), the prefix "tri-" can be pronounced in two different ways, either as "try" or with a short "i" as in "trip".

Example 1: A "tricycle" (pronounced "try") has three wheels, two in the back and one in the front, so it is easy for children to ride.

Example 2: "Triple" (pronounced like "trip", with a short "i") means that you have three times as much as something that is "single".

Example 3: A "triangle" (pronounced like "try") is a shape that has three sides.

Other useful words:
triplets - when a mother has three babies at one time
tripod - a three-legged stand for a camera
triangular - descibing something in the shape of a triangle
triathlon - a sports event with running, swimming and bicycling
trio - a group of three people

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