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Learn English Prefix 5:

Meaning: The basic meaning of "mono" is "one" or "single".

Pronunciation: The first "o" in "mono" is pronounced like "a" in "father". The second "o" can be pronounced the same way, but can also be pronounced with a long "o" sound as in "no" or "slow".

Example 1: A "monopoly" is when one company controls a whole market and has no competition. Many people complain that Microsoft has a near-monopoly on computer software.

Example 2: "Monotony" (a noun) or "monotonous" (an adjective) describes a feeling you have when something is not interesting at all. "That movie was so monotonous!" or "I can't live with the monotony of a typical office job".

Example 3: "Monotheism" describes a religion with one god. "Christianity, Islam, and Judaeism are all monotheistic religions".

Other useful words:
monorail - a train on just one track
monologue - just one person talking (as on TV)
monochrome - something that has just one color
monosyllabic - describing words with just one syllable
monogram - a single letter, often on a suitcase or piece of clothing
monogamy - having only one wife or husband
monarch - a king (only one leader)

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