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Learn English Prefix 6:
"un-" or "uni-"

Meaning: Both "un-" and "uni-" mean "one".

Pronunciation: The "u" in both "un-" and "uni-" is pronounced like the word "you" (just like the letter "U"!).

Example 1: A "unique" person or thing is one that is different from any other in the world. "I really like our teacher, Joe. I think he is truly unique!".

Example 2: A "unit" of a book, especially of a textbook, is one part of that book. "Please open your books to unit 3".

Example 3: A "university" is a place where we can learn all of the knowledge of the world in one place.

Other useful words:
unity or united - all together as one
a unicycle - like a bicycle but with only one wheel
universe - the whole of space, including every planet and star
unilateral - when one country acts without the cooperation of any other country
unanimous - when all people agree as one group
uniform (adj.) - when everything is done in the same way
uniform (noun) - when everyone wears the same clothes

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