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Learn English Prefix 10:

Meaning: The basic meaning of "as-" is "to" or "in that direction". It is sometimes similar to "on".

Pronunciation: The "a" in "as" is pronounced like the "u" in "cup".

Example 1: To "ascend" means "to go up". So we could say, "It took them three days to ascend the mountain".

Example 2: To "aspire" means to try to reach a goal. "She went to Hollywood because she aspired to be an actress".

Example 3: When we "assert" something, we say it very strongly. The noun form is "assertion". So, we can say, "He made the assertion with complete confidence, but some people still did not believe him".

Other words:
assure - tell others that you are sure, that everything is okay
assault - to attack (throw yourself AT someone or something)
assemble - go to the same place OR put many pieces together to make one thing
assign - to give to somebody, or to give a name to something
assist - to give help
astound - to surprise

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