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Meaning: "Cycle" can be a ring, or anything that turns around in a circle.

Pronunciation: "Cycle" sounds the same as in "bicycle". In an adjective such as "cyclical", the "y" is pronounced like the "i" in "sit".

Example 1: A "cyclone" is the same as a tornado - a big storm that goes around and around. "The cyclone destroyed hundreds of homes, but fortunately, it missed our house".

Example 2: If you "recycle" used bottles or cans or paper, it means you use them again, or send them to a recycling center where the materials are used to make new bottles or cans or paper.

Example 3: A "tricycle" is like a bicycle, but with two wheels. "A child can practice riding a tricycle until he or she is big enough to ride a bicycle".

Other useful words:
encyclopedia - a set of books that explain all important knowledge
cyclist - a person who is serious about riding a bicycle
unicycle - like a bicycle but with only ONE wheel
motorcycle - a bicycle with a motor
cyclops - a mythical monster with just one eye in the middle of his head

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