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Learn Greek Root 2:
"gram" and "graph"

Meaning: Both of these roots mean "write" or "written".

Pronunciation: The "a" sound in these roots is pronounced like the "a" in "cat".

Example 1: A "diagram" is written across a page. "She drew a diagram of the new machine so her coworker could understand".

Example 2: A "photograph" is a picture that is "written" on a piece of paper, or today, on a computer screen.

Example 3: An "autograph" is when a famous person signs (writes!) his or her own name on a paper. "I waited several hours to see my favorite singer, but she refused to give me her autograph".

Other useful words:
a program - a written description of the plan of an upcoming show or event
grammar - the written rules of a language
grammophone - an old machine for making music (the music awards called The Grammys are named after this old machine)
telegraph - to send a written message a long distance
graphic - anything related to pictures or drawings
graphite - a material used in pencils
graffiti - writing on a wall
seismograph - an instrument that measures the intensity of earthquakes

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