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Learn Greek Root 5:
"scop" or "scope"

Meaning: The basic meaning of "scope" is "see".

Pronunciation: The "o" in scope is pronounced like the "o" in "no" or "slow". Example 1: Using a "telescope", we can see things that are far away, for example, stars in the night sky.

Example 2: In a laboratory, when a scientist wants to see very small things, he or she can use a "microscope".

Example 3: Doctors use a "stethoscope" to listen to what is happening inside a patient's body.

Other useful words:
microscopic - very small
periscope - a device used by a submarine to see above the water surface
horoscope - a way of "seeing" into your future by "reading" the stars
to scope out - to look at some thing or some place in advance, to see if it is okay
kaleidoscope - a device that allows you to see many colors mixed together

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