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Learn Greek Root 6:

Meaning: "Therm" means "heat" or "warm".

Pronunciation: "Therm" rhymes with "firm".

Example 1: We use a "thermometer" to tell us how hot it is. "Take a look at the thermometer to see what the current temperature is".

Example 2: We can control the temperature in a room or building using a "thermostat". We could say, "Try to set the thermostat to 26 degrees in summer in order to use less airconditioning. We need to save electricity!".

Example 3: In winter, we can use a "thermos", which is a container to keep coffee or tea hot. "My thermos will keep coffee hot for up to 12 hours".

Other words:
thermal - related to anything that can keep us warm
thermodynamics - the study of energy
geothermal energy - heat from the earth
thermonuclear - using enough heat to creat a bomb
hypothermia - a dangerous drop in body temperature
endotherm - describes an animal that can create body heat
ectotherm - an animal that changes its body temperature according to the surrounding environment

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