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Learn Greek Root 7:

Meaning: "Arch" means "the most important".

Pronunciation: The "ch" in "arch" is usually pronounced like the "ch" in "chair", but sometimes it is "hard", like a "k".

Example 1: A "monarch" is the one most important person, in past times that was the king. There is a type of big, beautiful butterfly called a "monarch butterfly".

Example 2: An "archenemy" is the biggest and most dangerous enemy that someone can have.

Example 3: An "archetype" is a typical example of something, which can help us understand other, similar items.

Other useful words:
patriarchs - great leaders (or "fathers") from the past
a matriarch - the female leader of a group
anarchy - having no leader and so, being out of control
oligarchy - a small group of people are leaders of a country
archaeology - the study of past civilizations

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