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Learn Greek Root 8:

Meaning: The meaning of "bio" is "life".

Pronunciation: The "i" is pronounced like "I" or "eye". The "o" is often pronounced like "no" or "slow" but can also be pronounced like the "a" in "father".

Example 1: A "biography" is the written story of a person's life. "I enjoy reading biographies of famous people because I can learn so much from their experiences".

Example 2: "Biology" is the study of life, both plants and animals.

Example 3: Doctors will do a "biopsy" to study some cells of a person's body. This helps the doctors learn whether those cells are healthy or not.

Other words:
biochemistry - the study of chemical processes in living things
biodiversity - all of the many different things on our planet Earth
biodiesel - a clean-burning fuel made from natural sources
biosphere - describes the entire world where animals and plants can live
biodegradable - describes waste that is natural and so can be broken down and won't pollute the earth

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