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Learn Greek Root 9:

Meaning: "Chron" means "time".

Pronunciation: > The "o" usually is pronounced like the "a" in "father".

Example 1: A "chronicle" is a description of someone or something over a period of time, often with new information given each day. "He wrote a very interesting chronicle of his trip through Asia".

Example 2: The adjective "chronic", or adverb "chronically", describes a bad situation that continues and won't stop. "He had chronic pain in his right shoulder after playing tennis every day for three years".

Example 3: When two or more things are "synchronized", they are doing something at the same time. "The synchronized swimmers were very beautiful as they moved effortlessly in the water".

Other useful words:
chronological - describes things that happen in order, first one thing, then another second and another third, etc.
chronometer - a very, very precise watch
anachronism - a mistake in a book or movie concerning time
diachronic - something that happens across time or that changes over time

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