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Learn Greek Root 10:

Meaning: The root "dem" means "people".

Pronunciation: "Dem" rhymes with "them".

Example 1: A "democracy" is a government where the people can choose their own leaders and share in making decisions.

Example 2: "Demographics" describes how many people there are in a society. "The demographics of most countries shows that there will soon be more old people than young people".

Example 3: An "epidemic" describes a disease that spreads to many, many people. "The Spanish flu of 1918 was one of the worst epidemics of modern times".

Other words:
pandemic - descibing a problem that reaches across many groups of people
endemic - describes a situation that is normal within one group of people
demonstration - showing something rather than telling
demagogue - a speaker who tries to stir up people's feelings by appealing to emotions or weaknesses

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