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Meaning: "Aud" means "hear" or "listen".

Pronunciation: The basic sound of the vowels "au" is the same as "aw" in "saw" or "law".

Example 1: The word "audio" refers to any sounds you can hear, for example, the sounds you can hear on a computer or on a mobile phone. So, when you are listening to some music on your computer, your friend might say, "Turn up the audio, I can't hear it clearly".

Example 2: The "audience" is anyone who is listening to a concert or other live performance. "The audience started cheering when she walked onto the stage".

Example 3: The adjective "audible" describes any sound that can be heard. A sound is considered "inaudible" if it cannot be heard by somebody. "The two lovers were whispering. Their voices were so low that their words were inaudible".

Other useful words:
auditory - the ability to hear
auditorium - a place to go and listen to music
an audition - a chance to have a movie director listen to your performance (maybe he will give you a part in his movie!)

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