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Learn Latin Root 2:

Meaning: The basic meaning of "dict" is "to say" or "to speak".

Pronunciation: The "i" in "dict" is the same as the "i" in "sit" or "listen"

Example 1: A "dictionary" is a book that will tell you the meaning of words.

Example 2: To "predict" something means to tell about it in advance. "He predicted the earthquake before it happened - isn't that amazing?".

Example 3: A "dictation" is when the teacher speaks and the students try to write down what they hear. "Okay students, take out your notebooks. It's time for a dictation".

Other words:
edict - a decision spoken by a leader to the people
dictate - tell people what to do
a dictator - a person who tells people what they must do
diction - the ability to speak clearly

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