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Learn Latin Root 3:

Meaning: "Duct" means to "lead" or to "lead to" something.

Pronunciation: The "u" is the same as in "cup". Be careful to pronounce the "c" and the "t" together! (Practice slowly at first, then try faster as you get used to saying them together.)

Example 1: To "conduct" something also means to lead or to organize. "The scientist conducted experiments to see how children can learn faster".

Example 2: A "conductor" could be the leader of an orchestra (a group of musicians) or the person on a train who takes your ticket - he or she "leads" the passengers on the train!

Example 3: An "aquaduct" is used to lead water from a river or lake to a farm, so food can be grown. "The aquaducts of ancient Rome were very famous examples of early engineering."

Other useful words:
education - leading people to learning!
induct - to lead something (like electricity) into something else
seduction - leading a lover into your trap! (^_*)
production - leading forward by making something
reduction - to lead back (or down)
abduct - to take or "steal" a person (also called "kidnapping")

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