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Learn Latin Root 4:

Meaning: "Man" means "hand" or anything that requires using a hand.

Pronunciation: This is easy! "Man" sounds just like "man"! (^_^)

Example 1: The word "manufacture" originally meant to make by hand. It now means anything that was made by people rather than by nature. "More and more manufacturing jobs are moving to Asia".

Example 2: To "manipulate" something means to try to change things, very often in a way that helps one person but hurts other people. "The stock prices were manipulated to give rich bankers a chance to sell at a higher price".

Example 3: A "manual" is a book (that you can hold in your hand!) that tells you how to use a computer or other machine.

Other words:
manicure - getting the hand and finger nails cleaned and polished
dismantle - to take apart (originally with hands)
manhandle - to treat very roughly

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