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Learn Latin Root 5:

Meaning: The root "migra" means "to move", especially referring to large groups

Pronunciation: > "Mi" is pronounced like "my" and "gra" is pronounced like "gray".

Example 1: "Migration" is a general word for the movement of many people or animals from one place to another. "Every autumn, geese migrate from the north to the south.

Example 2: To "immigrate" into a country means to go into another country to live. "Many people from Asia have immigrated to Canada in the past 20 years".

Example 3: To "emmigrate" means to leave a country to go live in another country. "Thousands of poor people emmigrated from Ireland in the 19th century to avoid starvation".

Other useful words:
migrant workers - people who move from one area to another in order to find work
immigrants - people who have immigrated from one country to another
migratory - a word that describes birds that fly south for the winter, or other animals that move

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