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Learn Greek Root 6:

Meaning: "Moti" means "move", especially for individuals

Pronunciation: The "o" in "mo" sounds like the "o" in "snow" or "no". The second syllable, "ti", sounds like in "tip" or "tin".

Example 1: A "motor" is something that makes a car or other machine move.

Example 2: "Motivation" something inside a person that makes him or her move, or take action. "His main motivation was money, but her motivation was love".

Example 3: A "motive" is the reason somebody commits a crime. "The police could not figure out a motive for the crime."

Other words:
emotion - a feeling, something that moves you inside
promotion - moving up to a new and better job
motioning - making a sign with your hand or arm
to motivate - to give someone a reward to get them to take action
motion sickness - getting sick from riding in a car or train
motion picture - another word for a movie or a film

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