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Learn Latin Root 7:

Meaning: The meaning of the root "rupt" is "to break"

Pronunciation: The vowel "u" is pronounced like the "u" in "cup"

Example 1: To "interrupt" means "to break into" a conversation. "They were not happy when I interrupted them, but I had to tell them the news".

Example 2: A "rupture" is a break in an inner part of your body, or a break in a relationship. (1) "He had to get to the hospital fast, before his kidney ruptured". (2) When their friendhip ruptured, so did their business relationship".

Example 3: To go "bankrupt" means "to break the bank". In other words, a person or company has no more money.

Other useful words:
erupt - when a volcano (a "fire mountain") explodes into fire and large rocks
disrupt - to block something or stop it from happening
abrupt - describes something that happens suddenly
corrupt - to make something bad, either a person or an electronic device
corruption - any bad thing, especially some crime among business people or politicians

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