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Learn Latin Root 8:

Meaning: The root "sign" means "a mark".

Pronunciation: As a root, the vowel "i" is pronounced like the "i" in "sit" and the "g" is pronounced as in "big". (This is NOT like the word "sign" which rhymes with "wine"!)

Example 1: A "signature" is what you write when you sign your name, for example, at the end of a contract. "He signed the contract and they started their business partnership immediately".

Example 2: A "signal" is any kind of mark or noise to show something will start or stop. (1) "The traffic signal turned red, so all the cars stopped". (2) The official made a hand signal and the players got ready for a corner kick".

Example 3: To "resign" means to tell your boss that you quit, often by giving your boss a "resignation letter".

Other words:
significant - describes something that is very important
insignificant - describes something that is so small that we don't have to worry about it
signify - to suggest that something will happen or that something is true

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