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Learn Latin Root 9:

Meaning: The meaning of "spec" is "to see".

Pronunciation: The "e" in "spec" sounds like the "e" in "yes".

Example 1: To "inspect" something means to look at it carefully to be sure that it is okay. "They inspected the new car to make sure it was running smoothly".

Example 2: If you "respect" somebody, it means you see them in a positive way and believe they are good. "I really respect the President. I think he is trying to do the right thing".

Example 3: "Spectators" are people who watch an event, such as a football match or a basketball game. "Twenty thousand spectators groaned when Kobe missed the shot".

Other useful words:
a spectacle - a big event that is amazing to see
introspection - looking inside oneself to think about life, etc.
an aspect - one part of a problem or situation that we can look at
a suspect - a person the police think may have committed a crime
perspective - a point of view
in retrospect - looking back in time

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