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Learn Latin Root 10:

Meaning: The basic meaning of "tract" is "to pull".

Pronunciation: The "a" in "tract" is pronounced like the "a" in "cat".

Example 1: A "tractor" is a farm machine that pulls a plow to prepare the land for planting. "The farmer rode the tractor all day so that he could finally plant his corn".

Example 2: To "subtract" means to take one number out of another, or to "pull" the number out. "When we subtract 10 from 75, we get 65". (75-10=65, right?)

Example 3: The word "attract" means that something is so good that it "pulls" people to it (or to him or her!). "She was so attractive the men could not stop talking to her".

Other words:
detract - to make something less good than before
traction - the ability to move in snow or on a wet road
to retract - to pull back
to contract (pronounced conTRACT as a verb!) - to make smaller

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