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Learn English Suffixes, Group 1:
(-er, -or, -ard, -ian, -ant, -ent, -ess)

Meaning: All of these word endings mean "someone who...". They can sometimes also mean "something that...".

Example 1: A "teacher" is someone who teaches and a "baker" is someone who bakes, but be careful - a "finger" is NOT someone who "fings"!

Example 2: A "doctor" is someone who helps sick people and a "tailor" is someone who makes clothes.

Example 3: A "wizard" is someone like Harry Potter, someone who can do magic!

Other useful words:
a librarian - someone who works in a library
a resident - someone who lives, or "resides" in a place
a servant - someone who serves
a waitress - someone who serves in a restaurant
an alien - someone who comes from another place

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