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Learn English Suffixes, Group 3:
"-ade, - age, -ism, -ment, -ure"

Meaning: These all show that something is an action or a process.

Example 1: A "parade" is a show where people and groups march down a large street.

Example 2: If there is a problem in a person's body that stops, or blocks, blood or food from moving, that is called a "blockage". A doctor might say, "The patient had a blockage in his throat, but we were able to help him start breathing again".

Example 3: A "movement" is when something big, even a large group of people, move in the same direction. "The Communist movement in the world has stopped growing".

Other useful words:
experiment - the process of trying something to see if it can work or not
procedure - any step-by-step plan that is followed
seizure - when something is taken or stopped
racism - the irrational belief that one race of people is superior to others
sexism - the irrational belief that one gender (male or female) is superior to the other
agreement - the process of two people or groups agreeing

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