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Learn English Suffixes, Group 4:

Meaning: The ending "-ing" is used in words that are kinds of material.

Example 1: All of the things we put on our bed, such as sheets, pillows and blankets, are called "bedding".

Example 2: The material used on the roof (the top) of a house or building is called "roofing".

Example 3: We put sweet, white stuff, called "frosting", on top of a cake.

Other words:
icing - another word for "frosting"
stuffing - the material inside a toy stuffed animal or a pillow
seating - all of the possible seats available
clothing - a more general word for "clothes"
clippings - newspaper and magazine articles that have been cut (or clipped) out and saved by somebody
seasonings - different kinds of spices that we can add to food
flavorings - another word for "seasonings"

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