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Learn English Suffixes, Group 6:
"-ance, -ence,-tion, -cy, -dom, -ery, -hood, -ty,--ity, -ness, -ship, -th"

Meaning: This is the largest group of word endings in English, but they all mean "a state" or "a quality of being".

Example 1: "Avoidance" describes a feeling, or state, of wanting to avoid (or stay away from) something. "After we broke up, I couldn't stand to see her, so avoidance was my only choice".

Example 2: An "emergency" is a situation where a problem "emerges" or "comes out" suddenly.

Example 3: The word "accuracy" describes the goal of being totally correct (accurate) without making any mistakes. "Students have to work hard to achieve accuracy in writing".

Other words:
fluency - the state of being fluent in a language
frequency - how often something happens
starvation - a very bad situation where someone dies from not having enough food
freedom - the state of being free
bravery - the state of being brave, or having courage
superiority - the quality that makes someone or something better or the best
inferiority - the quality that makes someone or something not as good as something else
friendliness - the quality of being friendly
friendship - the situation where people are friends
brotherhood - being a brother, or like a brother
motherhood - becoming a mother

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